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Updating From Previous Version

Dear VAMPP user

To check version and build of your current program click on the yellow question mark on the toolbar in your VAMPP program (2nd icon from the right hand side on your main VAMPP screen).

It is advised that you print this instruction page prior to download.

If you are installing Vampp on a Windows VISTA operating system please click here for installation instructions.

Please note that fields marked with an * are mandatory.

The download file is 23mb. If you are on a dialup connection and wish to have a copy on CD mailed to you rather than downloading the file, please check that option below.

Before you install your new download:

  1. Please make a backup of your herd data on your hard drive as well as on a floppy disk, CD, or USB memory key before you begin the installation. This is done in your VAMPP program under File, backup. When the backup is completed, exit VAMPP. 
  2. To successfully install the latest version of VAMPP, you have to uninstall the current version on your computer. To do the uninstall: click on the START button on your desktop then click Control Panel (this may be found under SETTINGS on some windows systems), Add/Remove Programs, Highlight VAMPP and ask for a complete uninstall.
  3. To install the program double click on the downloaded file (if you received a CD: insert CD into your CD drive and the installation will automatically begin - if this fails to happen follow the instructions enclosed with your CD) and follow the prompts given. The password to open the file is sent to you in a separate email. Please note: the installation procedure requires you to restart your computer when it is finished. 
  4. Double click on the VAMPP icon, that can be found on your desktop, to enter the program. If you have to unlock your VAMPP program, follow the instructions found near the bottom of this page. 
  5. On the very top left of your VAMPP screen it should read VAMPP- Your Farm Name. In the event your farm was closed prior to exiting the program, click on the Select a farm icon (second from the left). Click on the black arrow at the right side of the Farm box. Highlight your farm and click OK. If your data is not there, please do a restore from your backup file that you created in step 1. To restore go to File, Restore, locate your herd backup file then click Open. When the restore procedure is completed click OK. A message will appear stating: You are not signed into a herd anymore, to enter your herd go to File, Open, click on your farm name and click OK.
  6. You must do an integrity check and calculations of your data for the program to operate correctly. (File, Utilities, integrity check, select all, OK) (File, Utilities, calculations).

Questions or comments?, we would love to hear from you! We are continually updating VAMPP to incorporate your ideas into the program and enhance existing features.

To unlock your VAMPP program, simply follow these three steps:

  • Select the PURCHASE button on the VAMPP introductory screen
  • Follow through each of the prompts until you get to the Phone Purchase screen.
  • On the phone purchase screen, the third information box contains your VAMPP registration #. Copy this number down and forward it to us by means of:

e-mail: support@vampp.com
phone: 1-800-661-6601 (Canada only) or 1-403-732-4034
fax: 1-403-732-4814

We will then forward you your personalized unlock code.

Best regards

The VAMPP Team

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Copyright © 1999-2013 All Rights reserved.
Vampp Management Systems Inc.

Copyright © 1999-2013 All Rights reserved.
Vampp Management Systems Inc.