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Certified CQM Compliant

In October 2005 Dairy Farmers of Canada honored VAMPP with the status of certified Canadian Quality Milk program compliant.  Dairy managers seeking to maintain records for CQM status can enter all required data into VAMPP.


Milk, Meat & Milk After Calving Withdrawal Times for:

  • Disease and treatment entries
  • Fertility and reproductive treatment entries
  • Dry off events
  • Vaccination records
  • Hoof trimmings 

Complete drug information at your finger-tips within VAMPP:

  • Warnings appear when the withdrawal for milk or meat is lower than label use.
  • Warnings appear when non-lactating products are administered to lactating animals.
  • Warnings appear when non-bovine approved products are administered to cattle.
  • Warnings appear when animal is marked sold prior to milk and meat withdrawals being completed.
  • At time of entry a treatment prescription can be printed for all disease records.

Record/Review your herd's personalized SOP's in VAMPP:

  • Create personalized Standard Operating Procedures in VAMPP for your herd.
  • VAMPP has sample SOP's for you to work with.  
  • Access your herd SOPs with point and click at any time on screen or printed out.


 Ask for your free copy of VAMPP Version 3.4.0!

 To receive your free copy of VAMPP, download Version 3.4.0 from www.vampp.com.
Or feel free to contact us for a CD at: 

VAMPP Dairy Management Software 
1-604-556-6832  phone

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Copyright © 1999-2013 All Rights reserved.
Vampp Management Systems Inc.

Copyright © 1999-2013 All Rights reserved.
Vampp Management Systems Inc.